Jay Maybruck

Jay Maybruck |Location - USA |Sector - Investor


In 1971, I was selected as a member of the Dayton Daily News Youth Forum. This panel of 8 individuals chosen through competition from all High schools in the County traveled to multiple schools to debate social issues of the time. I have paid constant attention to current events since my early teens and have worked on several senatorial and Presidential campaigns. After teaching High School and Junior High School for a few years, I accidentally became involved in the Comic Collecting hobby and founded Sparkle City Comics. My company sustained national dominance in the field of back issues for almost 2 decades, My work significantly and positively impacted the growth of Comic Shows, Back issue values, Comic Distribution, and the Comic Field as a whole. My company introduced essential business and economic paradigms into what was, when I began, a relatively small hobby

I have a reasonably sound knowledge base regarding public policy and, separately, cognitive psychology and human brain function. I am not an ideologue. I tend to be pragmatic at my core with what is probably a progressive bias. I have a good political track record. I have never been wrong predicting a presidential race 60 days out. UNTIL TRUMP.

I have made more mistakes and had more chances in my personal life than any one human being deserves. At age 64, I am grateful to still be alive. Hopefully, I am wiser now and a far better man. I focus the energy which remains on attempts to facilitate good. I help create wealth and profit in areas where doing so does no harm to individuals or the collective good. I take high satisfaction in helping others achieve wealth and prosperity.

Within the comic book collecting field, my work in the 1970’s and 1980’s helped build a sustainable and perpetually growing comic book market. I have, at one time or another, owned virtually all back issue comics which have subsequently sold for well over a million dollars each. I sold all Mile High Collection copies of all DC superheroes as well as all the Mile High Timelys. Those who took my investment counsel made significant profit based on my purchase recommendations and investment strategy both short term and long term.

For two decades after leaving the comic book industry I have, when I was able, focused significant time and study within the fields of public policy, political action, and human psychology. Throughout my past life I made numerous poor personal choices regarding my own physical, and general well being. I have done my best to learn and progress. At age 64, I am not who I was at age 40. Miraculously I am still alive and intend to learn more and grow each day. The most important thing I know is what I do not know.