Work from Home The Actual Scenario in India

work from home

The scare of the pandemic Covid-19 is looming large in the world scenario with more than 19, 643 deaths and 4, 36,481 affected till date ( as of 25th March 2020, 6:30 p.m.). India is not an exception to the virus with more than 512 affected reportedly. Understanding the gravity of the situation Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 24th March 2020 at 8 p.m. took the call to declare Complete 21 Day Lockdown of the country. Earlier on Sunday, the country as per his appeal practiced Janta Curfew. The government is encouraging social distancing in every way possible inside the country. It has stopped flying international and national flights, ordered companies to shutdown their physical offices and encourage work-from-home for the employees. He also urged the people to stay back at home to remain safe in this trying time.
While many people might feel this is a holiday kind of situation, the IT employees said that they were agreed to leave on the condition that they will be accomplishing their work responsibilities from the convenience of their home. By making use of video conferencing and different collaboration tools the corporate techie companies are ensuring that they do not lose their track even during the pandemic. On the other hand, all is not well in the non-IT sectors. Experts believe that small and medium scale industries will receive a hard blow with this situation. Under this comes the education sector that are totally locked down.
With their minimum investment and resources, they have no idea how to tackle this situation and get over it. They might be asked to take work home but their employees know nothing about this work-from-home scenario. They hardly know how the tools work, have poor internet connectivity and use age-old devices (laptops and computers), power backup, and have little knowledge about professionally used chat groups, forget handling them.
Another sector that is considered badly hit in this situation is the co-working sector with more than 1000 co-working locations all over India. It stands as the second-largest market after China. Although in this hour of need these poorly organized small companies can also try to remain in the rat race by choosing remote working methods. They can start by teaching their non-IT staff the methods to use digital software for connection and work. Though it will take some time and losses too but the training will prepare them for the future.
Cisco the networking giant confirmed that it is seeing significant growth in WebEx its web and video conferencing services. CloudConnect Communications which is India’s first licensed B2B Virtual Network Operator is also offering a collaborative platform to the co-working sector to overcome the threats of Covid-19 and continue with its business operations.
COVID-19 is indeed disrupting the business scenario in India. However, Nasscom, the apex body of IT industries has asked the government to relax its norms by a month hoping that the deadly Coronavirus would be swiped out from the Indian scenario. The government has also promptly decided to postpone the current Financial Year ending till June 30, 2020.

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