Structural Readjustments Required in B-Schools to meet today’s Requirements


We all know that due to this current pandemic situation the whole world is changing day-by-day. We all are under lockdown for the last few months. All the service holders, employees, students are continuing their work from home. Online education is advancing now-a-days. B-Schools also need to make structural adjustments for their future development. Go ahead with this tutorial to know more about this concept!

B-Schools offer business degrees for both graduate and undergraduate courses. If you’re planning to do MBA here are some top 5 B-Schools:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • London Business school
  • Indian School of Business
  • Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Calcutta)

The demand for online education is increasing. There are some advices for structural re adjustments which B-Schools need to develop:

Offline/Online which is best? Online class size can be move from 100 to 1000 because residential education needs well-furnished infrastructure like classrooms, hostel, food canteens, cafeterias, healthcare facilities, libraries etc but online classes does not require all these things. Those who are from another place and are unable to afford hostel facilities they can easily take class in online platform. B-Schools need to set online learning instruments for students benefit.

Blended Learning is required: Various B-School have experimented with this process. Through these students can watch pre-recorded videos. Face to face interaction is also possible through this process.

Using Artificial Intelligence students will get more data, feedback, personalized tutoring etc. Teachers can identify the weakness of a student’s education. When the size of class increased it is quite difficult to monitor each and every student. AI will help in this.      

Earlier examinations were performed under the observation of invigilators. In online examinations layered evaluations should be performed where self evaluation, faculty evaluation, peer evaluation will be included. Teaching procedures for post-pandemic period should be planned by the authorities.

B-Schools need to bring these major structural changes to meet today’s requirements.     

Know How Virtual Learning Can Move the Future of Higher Education in B-Schools!

Business, Jobs even Education is also started virtually by many Universities, schools etc. Online classes, Online exams, Interview through online apps are going on due to this pandemic. Is virtual learning good for acquiring higher studies?

You might ask whether a three or four-year residential experience is required or not. Face to face interactions between teachers and students are obviously helpful but now-a-days there are many modern technologies with which you can record your theory lectures as multi-media presentations and you can easily deliver it to your students. Students can watch these from their own place. Students also will get available resources and online courses at cheaper cost. Online classes will save students time which they spent in campus doing group assignments, interactions etc. But residential learning can increase knowledge by doing field-project, social networking etc which is not possible in virtual education. For this education needs to follow ‘Hybrid Model’ where learning will be held through online and face to face both. Half classes will be done online and half in campus.

In the IT sector there needs to be more improvements to make online education comfortable. Various technical issues are there and lots of time is invested to fix the issues which are not experienced in offline classes. In F2F classes’ students get same delivery but in online classes all students don’t have access to wifi connections, latest laptops/desktops, modern audio-visual equipments etc. In F2F class teacher can make sure the students are learning the concepts but in online it will be quite difficult to understand. Faculty member need to be comfortable in online teaching. All these things need to be perfect for perusing higher education in B-Schools virtually.

Follow these tips while zoom-ing your way for a B-School! 

Due to This Covid 19 situations, video interviews are the only option. Modern technologies bring various systems which makes all these things easier. Video conferencing is very much similar with face to face conversations. For this you need to be more comfortable with technology. While giving interview your interviewer will send you a link and you need to be more confident with Zoom, Skype etc. Check your internet connection, if there are technical issues inform your interviewer and be cool. Prepare yourself to face any typical interview questions. Make your room clean and choose an area of that room with plain and simple background. Don’t think it will be OK to sit in an interview wearing your home outfits. Dress appropriately for a professional look. Don’t think too much, it’ll be good!

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