SpaceX to send three tourists to the International Space Station next year


A recent announcement from SpaceX makes clear that fighting all odds and its strong competitor Boeing, NASA has given SpaceX thumbs up to go ahead with its commercial space travel ideas. The tourism effort is a part of a deal that was agreed upon both by SpaceX and Axiom Space, a Houston-based startup. The company will be held responsible for managing the logistics of the trip.

The innovative tour plan will give some lucky ones to witness the space themselves along with some astronauts working there. This is the second time that the company is preparing for such a trip. Already in May 2020, a trip is scheduled which would send launch US Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to space without having to rely on the Russian rockets.
The time is decided for the new trip is somewhere in the later part of 2021. The space center is planning to make use of its Falcon 9 rocket. Alongwith it the new Crew Dragon spacecraft would also be responsible for key roles.
Although the tour will be fully private (for the first time) three citizens will get the chance to enjoy the never-thought-would-be-true dream. Earlier seven private citizens had got the chance to visit the International Space Station (ISS). One of the tourists is lucky enough to get the opportunity once again. The scheduled duration of the trip is 10 days. The tourists will get two days to enjoy to and from traveling from the space station. The rest eight days of the trip will be spent on board.
Like every travel, this one too comes with a cost. The tickets for the trip will cost around $55 million. Woohoo! That sounds huge but not as much as the extraordinary experience would be. This is the reason why one of the seats has already been booked, reveals the international news network The New York Times.

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