Ruby Road: Discover the World of the Red Gem


 Red is the colour of blood. The colour gives us motivation. While discovering the world of red gem which is called Ruby, it helps in removing negative energies from our path. Red gemstones gives confidence and encourage passion in our life. Want to know more about this concept? Keep reading!

Ruby is a rare gem stone which is also called “King of Precious Stones” according to ancient cultures. Due to the common colour between Ruby and the blood that flows through our veins this stone is believed to hold the abilities or power of our life. Rubies in India were discovered 2000 years ago. Rubies can be made both naturally and in lab. Wondering how you can realize a real ruby from a fake ruby?

Here’s how:

  • Observe it by the shine and colour because fake gemstones are colorless and are not bright. Real rubies give very bright and shiny tone like spotlight red colour 
  • Real ruby stones are very hard. Nothing can make a scratch in ruby except diamond. So scratch the surface of your stone with finger or coin, if there is scratch mark it is the fake one
  • Generally glass, garnets, tourmaline stones etc are used to copy ruby stones. Red glasses are less durable and garnets are soft dark-red coloured which looks dull. Tourmaline is a reddish pink coloured mineral which is softer than a ruby but harder than garnets
  • It will be great if you consult a professional jeweler. Identify by comparing the stone with a red glass. If the two looks same then the proof is in your hand. Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstone. It costs around $ 12-$ 1,600 per carat. If someone sells it at a low price it might be fake
  • In a Mohs’ scale the hardness of ruby is rated around 9. The hardness of those minerals used as ruby imitation are rated around 7.0-7.5, 6.5-7.5 etc. The fake ruby will weigh less compared to the real ones.

Remember these few things if you’re confused between these two.

There are various types of Ruby Stones such as Star ruby, Faceted, Cabochon, Trapiche, Afghanistan, African, Indian, Madagascar, New Burma Rubies, Old Burmese, Thai Rubies, and Mozambique etc. Various shapes of rubies are also there such as Round, Heart, Pear, Oval, Emerald, Marquise, Cushion, Radiant, Princes, and Asscher etc. Among these the rubies that are large and transparent are rarer. Burmese, Carmen Lucia, Star rubies are the rarest type of ruby. The colour of ruby is not always found in red. Yes, you’ll get different types of colour such as pink-red, bright red, brownish red, dark-red, purplish-red, pinkish etc.

Did you know about the Spinels from Tajikistan, The gem that made Ruby Famous?

During early 8th century after a massive earthquake people find pink/red stones from a white rock in Badakhshan. Those gemstones are locally named as ‘laal’. In the United Kingdom, The Black Prince’s Ruby is actually a Badakhshan Spinel. It is the one of the most popular coloured stones in the whole world. This fine red spinel is found in the Kuh-i-Lal area of Tajikistan. These Spinels were earlier considered as “Balas Rubies”. In the early centuries these ‘laal’ gems became very famous with the Kings, Sultans, Emperors, and Maharajas of that time. After that the word Ruby has started becoming famous day-by-day.  Rubies are famous for its healing properties and positive effects. For the last thousands of years this stone was regarded as a sign for love, passion, energy, confidence. It reflects as a symbol of strong affection.  The mining centre for rubies are Thailand, Afghanistan, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Colombia, India etc. Some deposits are also found in Pakistan, Madagascar, Nepal, Vietnam, Tajikistan, and Tanzania.    

This popular traditional gemstone can be used in various types of jewelry such as in rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants; you can use it with diamonds also. This stone is a symbol of nobility.

Want to know why you should wear this? Here it is:

  • Wear it to increase your creativity, spirituality, wisdom and confidence
  • It will encourage a sense of responsibility, leadership, self-dignity
  • If you are suffering with depression this precious gem will fight that for you
  •  It will increase positive thoughts and energy, concentration and strength in you
  • If you want more popularity in life you should wear this. People who are suffering from health issues can wear this stone

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