Ignorance and other virtues of being an entrepreneur:


Most entrepreneurs and startups make some classic mistakes. Entrepreneurship is not a job, it’s a lifestyle

Things might comes to those who wait, but only the commodities left by those who hustle.

So much as you would like to believe that the world of entrepreneurship is full of glamour and glory, the truth is, to make it work you will have to show in head-on and work on it, unlike anything you have ever been remotely passionate about.

Entrepreneurship seldom starts part-time (9 AM – 5 PM, or, 7 PM to 2 AM) – once you have tested waters, and are convinced this is something you should be doing so there is only one way to go – diving right in. This also is making the venture your full time and all other initiatives part-time.

1. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are always thinking of taking your venture to the next level and creating something worthwhile good enough to be used outside your circle of immediate influence.

If you are not passionately enough to the extent of going the whole way: do yourself a favor, save yourself some heartache and misery… and don’t start up. If you love that you are getting into just enough to consider working on this the whole day, the whole week and then the next 3 years (at least) without much hopefully of early signs of reward, read on.

2. Guard your time, energy and runway fiercely

You only have three things at yourself disposal: Time, Energy and Runway (cash in the bank before the party blows). Guard all three fiercely.

Used your timeline to make things happen at your venture

Spend it optimally with your team and customers. Keeping educating yourself and improving your product to the level where you can have sane conversations (insane imaginative conversations work even better) with respected minds in your chosen arena without embarrassingly yourself; keeping taking feedback from all quarters and always keep an eye on the future when planning for your venture. Having said that’s, ideas are great, but E.X.E.C.U.T.I.O.N is what will get you from Point A to Point B.

Your energy is of paramount importance

Ignored naysayers; theirs by power to influence your thoughts and emotions is given by you. Once you realize that heaven (all things bright and beautiful) and hell (what just happened?!) are manifested inside you by your own thoughts and perceptions, you will be able to see things much more clearly. Your energy determines how and whether you take charge and manage things when shit hits the ceiling: That’s roughly 75+% of your time at your startup when you are working towards executing your vision, rapidly.

Protect your runway

 keep saying this to  friends who have the pleasure of working with: “I don’t party. I don’t do drugs. I just needed enough money’s to have petrol in my car and host friends for coffee without second thoughts”. Makes sure you’re always have enough money to survive the next 18-24 months at an individual level without any hope of extra money coming in. Makes sure you are nothing wasting money (getting wasted or showing off) & blowing up the opportunity before you.

Therefore will be enough folks including but not limited to your family, relatives, neighbors, peers, self proclaimed experts, corporate gurus and then some random folks, to tell you that what you are doings is a wasted of time, things are not going to work and that you should perhaps consider getting back to a ‘real’ job like the rest of the world. Keeping your eyesight and ears open, take feedback on your venture where you catch anything relevant, check with your gut feeling (this comes in quite handy when taking on tough decisions)… and move on with what you know you have to do next.

Over times : You will developed a thick skin and not really care what the world thinks of you, gain respect and an open mind for relevant feedback, and will be abled too control your emotions and state of being more consistently.

3. Building a great team and brace yourself to tear it down

Now we known that you are God’s gift to mankind and haven’t that brilliant idea (all planned out, of course) which is going to change the world and help you make some money along the way.

Good news: You’ve got confidence. Not so great news: That’s not enough to make things happen.

If you’re have to create anything’s big enough to make a dent, you need like minded individuals to join your cause and who will keep helping you taken things to the next level. A great teams guides with a common vision, relevant skills and strong work ethic will help cut down what you can do alone in 3 years (or perhaps never) to probably half the time or sooner.

Make sure you identify and get recruiting skilled individuals with strong work ethic for different parts of execution entailed. Complement the skills across your team making sure you are planning for most immediate needs (next 3 – 6 to 12 months execution at a time whilst keeping an eye on the future). Given you are fully bootstrapped and hardly have any/ limited cash to offer, equity will come in handy.

Make sure you have a strong startup culture of making things happen, delivering on promises made with those who place their trust and money with you (especially customers) and everyone has a sense of where they are going as a team and why they are doing what they do. Have super frank communication with the team at all times. Never lie to the team irrespective of the situation at hand, and make sure you have each other’s back.

A quick heads up

Hire for skills and hunger (different from having degrees x, y and z) when working on core team. Get on board people who understand what it means to start from scratch, the limitations that come with it, and especially those who roll up their sleeves and don’t mind getting their hands dirty when working (make your own coffee, get your own printout, get into the damn car & deliver the goods yourself when a situation comes up). Having your childhood buddies & folks with a corporate mindset (What’s the budget? Need a fancy title and 3 guys working under me, blah blah blah) as business partners sounds great and easy, but when push comes to shove and they don’t deliver worth even the cost of the paper the equity agreement was signed on, you will be faced with the decision to let them go sooner than later. Talk about easy.

4. Work with those who inspire your trust and respect

If you, your team and your work are any good, you might have the opportunity to explore collaboration possibilities with some incredible individuals as also some other ‘respected and honored’ ones.

Always remember those who were kind to you and helped you when you started from nothing, and make sure you create more than the expected value for those who place their trust and money with you.

Having said this…

There will be individuals who will tell you and your team that your venture is worthless and that it hardly seems feasible, this whilst making the Vice President of one of the respected unicorn ventures from the nation wait outside the meeting room for another 30 odd minutes, before asking you to meet them again in 2-4 weeks. (Negotiation works in strange ways).

Therefore will be others who will tell you that you will be finished, and that your reputation will be tarnished globally. If you stop working with them. (Okay).

Therefore will be others who won’t read up on your venture or the backgrounds of folks in the meeting, won’t check details regarding previous meetings, and then make unsavoury personal comments in their first meeting with you: this when you go in with the intent to help them and their organization. (Try nothing to lose your cool in a meeting).

Moral of the story

Keeping your eyes and ears open, and take calls from within as to how you intend to go forward or not in any direction. Use your gut feeling for taking decisions, know that you are capable of taking a few hits and that no one else writes your destiny but you.

5. Say nothing to that Conference / Investor Pitch / Honorary position (most times)

As yours work gains more traction, your ventures and work will gain you enough goodwill to get you access to some of the Conferences for free, get you the opportunity to pitch to investor’s and your will also have some of the organizations offering you Honorary Positions. Pick and choose wisely.


Sure, you can network. Sure, they’re can take care of your free food and wine. To you can be seen with some of the incredible entrepreneurs in town that day; but unless the day involves achieving something for your venture: Marketing. Partnerships or Client Acquisitions, just skip becoming the entrepreneur who is seen at every. Conference speaking about what their venture ‘intends to do in the future.

In cases where unavoidable, accepted invitations and try to get something. Out of the time put in by scheduling meetings in the same building or nearby, beforehand; with enough buffer to connecting with folks you might meet on the day.

Investor Pitches

Unless you are seeking critical feedbacks on yourself venture’s business model, intend to partner with a. VC, or, have achieved some worthwhile traction and intend to do some serious fund raising within their next 6-12 month’s; don’t make a habit of getting into business plan or investor competitions.

Your are not in the businesses of winning business plan competitions. That time can be spent pitching to potential partner firms/users/customers.

Honorary Positions

Honorary positions are great (for making impact at a broader level working with more like minded thinkers and doers). If you have already made enough traction. With your venture and are comfortable enough with taking on one more role with the intent to do well there. If not, you may feel good about having a honorary industry. Position but you might end up without a venture and no impact. Via your honorary position at the end of it.

Also some of the organizations just intend to use your brainpower and reputation. To get some initiative going or some additional work done, without the intent to follow through on making impact happen. (we all know this happens). One way to set a filter is to ask them to take care of your travel. Plus charge them an honorarium. For your time (assuming you are offering them at least 2 days or 16 hours, per month). If they don’t value your time enough to even make. It across the filter, you surely know how they are going to treat your inputs and time spent there.

Given all of the above, never forget those who helped you on your journey. And keep paying it forward where you see genuine individuals.

Remember that you are forced to focus because you are putting in your time. Energy and runway at stake to create a potential business with real life users/ customers. Get real about what goes in and what comes out.

6. Embrace Rejection and Disappointment

You might be working super hard to make your vision come true and pulling out all stops, but sometimes things just aren’t meant to happen. Sometimes it’s the team, other times it’s the product-market fit, sometimes you might just run out of runway and then again sometimes the time for the idea might not have just come yet. Be prepared to see your life’s work burn before your eyes.

If you happen to have a family with a spouse and kids, you can tweak the question accordingly. The answer might not be easy, but one must do what one must.

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