How to Keep Going When You’re Not Good at Something New


Everyone wants to be perfect in their life. But there must be something with which we are not comfortable and good at doing this. We feel lost and unsure, and then we give up doing those things. Want to know how to deal with not being good at something? Here you go!

Are you bad at everything? Then What to Do?

Firstly, it is impossible that you’re bad at everything. Yes, you may be bad at few things but trust me there must be at least one or two things you are good at. You just skip thinking how you could be better in your life. Giving up is not the last option. Are you excited to know if you’re good at something? Find your good sides by following these tricks:

  • Avoid doing competition with others. The time you’re investing by thinking about others, utilize that to be a better person
  •  Don’t underestimate yourself because it will bring negative thoughts in you
  • Improve and maintain your skills. If you understood that something is missing in you, find and make a solution
  • Start doing the things which makes you happy. Choose your field according to your interest
  • Ignore the things which make you feel sad. Focus on your goal and your mind, you’ll definitely figure out the things you’re good at

Can someone be good at something they hate?

Yes, if you have dedication you can do everything productive. Skill is also important. May be you don’t like your job but you have to practice and continue work to fulfill your needs. These practices make you perfect for doing the job which you don’t like. If you’re a student there may be one or two subjects you don’t like, but for exams you read and got good marks in those subjects for a brilliant result. Like this you can be bad at something you love. Yes, you may love doing swimming but you don’t know properly how to swim. There must be someone who loves doing dancing, singing, recitation but they forgot the steps, lines while doing these. You just have to keep going with dedication/patience and perform the things you’re good or bad at. 

What to do When You Want To Give Up and keep going?

You can ask some questions to yourself when you’re feeling completely lost. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Are you really happy?
  • What are those things which make you feel giving up?
  • What are your values, interests, purpose and most important things in life?
  • Will you regret few years later because of the things you’re giving up today?
  • How can you overcome from this difficult situation rather than giving up easily?

Follow these ways to keep going while giving up:

  • Jot down all your dreams and goals. Write journal every day and also note down your achievements in life so far. The moment you’re feeling lost just revise that you’ll get motivation!
  • Everyday workout is very important for a healthy body, mind. To calm your stress and anxiety, do some yoga and meditation every day. 
  •  Have a talk with your mentor or the person you admire the most. Share thoughts. Complete your day to day task because if you have workload stress, you’ll be in a mood to give up 

Remember to give up these 5 things if you want to be really happy:

  • Try giving up excuses and stress
  • Avoid bad habits and doing regrets and give up disappointments
  • Give up making expectations from others
  • Give up thinking about others and pleasing them
  • Give up feeling unsatisfied with what you have right now

 These basic things will make you a better person in your life! If you’re happy you can do everything good! Don’t feel pity if you’re bad at something. You can be good at things by being bad at first.

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