COVID 19: Responsibility to Ensure Employee Well-being


For the last few months we all were stuck into our home due to this infectious disease called COVID 19. But our frontline workers are still working. Today’s article is all about ensuring employee wellbeing in this pandemic situation. Let’s begin!

The world is under lockdown to control the spread of Corona Virus. Due to this there is a huge economic crisis and this leads to stress, mental and physical breakdown in every sector. Employees now-a-days continue their works from home and some of them have to go to their work by maintaining the rules given by government. So it’s important to provide and protect mental and physical health of the employees.

 Know how organizations or companies can support employee wellbeing during lockdown!

Leaders can protect employee’s wellbeing during these difficult times by giving motivation and engagement. Support your employees to do their work from home with whatever is available to them. Make sure that your employees have sufficient equipment’s and infrastructures. Encourage your employees to stay connected with you through video conference or normal calls, chats. Maintain a friendly relation and open communication with them, encourage your team to work together! Various companies are supporting their employees during Covid 19 by giving providing wellbeing programs, relief funds for the employees, counseling facilities, financial support, available information and open communication, virtual meetings/sessions, activities for creating a good bond among the team. Promote employee wellbeing during this lockdown by adjusting necessary policies into your companies wellbeing framework, keep your employees updated by providing necessary strategies, flexibility is important for your staffs, always keep in touch with your staffs.      

    Want to know how to ensure mental wellness of employees? Here you go!

  • Ensure the place where employees work has enough space and light. Sunlight brings more positivity so keep this in mind and try to keep more green plants in work area!
  • Utilize modern technologies such as video meeting apps etc which will help your employees to understand the work easily. Know whether your staff has access to internet connections or not. Sufficient equipment’s is also essential so if they have any problem support them in arranging equipment’s.
  • Don’t force them unnecessarily. It will affect their mental health. Give them time to show their work and prove themselves   
  • Don’t ignore the employee’s complaints. Listen to all their queries and complaints. Investigate and solve their problems
  • Pay a justified amount which they deserve. Encourage them to take a small break from work also
  • Try to manage and complete daily work by your employees. Balance in workload is important and maintain the discipline of your work place 
  • Don’t underestimate their work. Try to understand their problems and if they need leave from work for some days don’t force them to work because it will harm their mental health. Appreciating their works will give them more interest to work properly

Also remember to keep your mental health calm so that you can control your employees. To keep your patience, you can control your stress by doing yoga, meditation, and exercise. Maintain a proper food diet. Suggest your employees to do these activities at home. Physical fitness will help your mental health keep calm and stress free!

Follow this guidance for Covid 19 and maintain this for employees in your Workplace!

  • Arrange systems to conduct daily health checkups for employees
  • Make mask wearing and hand gloves mandatory in your workplace
  • Keep sanitizing everything and sanitize employee’s hands while entering the workplace and while touching something
  • Practice social distancing among employees in the workplace
  • Choose every area for job tasks with possible exposures to Covid 19
  • Keep your workplace environment healthy and try to control transmission among employees
  • If your employees have any symptoms of corona take serious action and let them stay at home. If any family member of your employee have corona positive case send those employees to home quarantine
  • Suggest your employees to take medical protection at home and in workplace also

Hope this guide will help you in this difficult situation! Follow these rules and fight against Covid 19. Till Then Goodbye, Stay Home and Stay Safe! 

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