Business opportunities in Australia


The economy of Australia is undergoing rapid changes and for the better.
With advancing technologies, scientific breakthroughs the Australian economy has earned quite a stable position in the market. Thus, leading businessmen are of the view that this market can be a good start for small business ideas in Australia in 2020. If you are a new entrepreneur and want to get your own startup, this market is worth a trial. Here are several business ideas that you can think of giving a trial.
E-Sports Sponsorship Management
Sponsorship is a growing field within the huge e-sports community. In the coming years, this market is expected to bloom almost three times its current value. Although it might not seem to be a huge success but for a startup such progress immensely matters. Additionally, it would be much easier to expand such a business to an overseas location for every e-sports shows, events and competitions.
E-Book Publishing
A recent trend revealed that E-books are growing in the Australian market, and will continue in the future too. And why not when there are so many book lovers around. If books keep you engrossed you might try your hands onto the e-publishing platform. By this way, you can help people publish their books online. You can divide the profit on the basis of the marketing you do online for the e-book. It has been known that e-books are capable of making greater profits than hard copy counterparts.
Solar Power Development
The demand for a renewable source of energy is increasing day by day as the non-renewable sources are perishing. Solar power is perhaps the most reliable alternative to the perishable resources. Additionally, as Australia receives a good amount of the sun investing in a solar power company is worth the idea. You can start by purchasing a large share of land to place the solar power panels. The best place would be in the rural area from where you can supply the power to nearby towns and cities. This will help you make money in large scale.
Solar installation and maintenance
Another mention-worthy business idea in relation to solar power generation is panel installation and maintenance. As more number of people starts relying on solar power to reduce their energy bills there would be an increasing need for solar panel installation in homes and offices. There would also be a growing need for panel maintenance and repair from time to time.
Augmented Reality Safari Guide
Australia has always been one of the most sought after destinations for holidays. It contributes a larger share in the Australian economy. In order to facilitate a better traveling experience to the tourists, you can implement augmented reality to guide their tour. The concept is new and requires a bit more investment than any other business. The person using the guide would have to wear certain gadgets like a headset or a something like the Google Glass or install an app in their smartphone to find out all the relevant information about the place, historical details, etc. Since it is new in the field you would be able to charge high for the services and earn good profits.
Developing third-Party Gaming Add-on
As youngsters engross themselves more into games, the gaming industry needs to expand and find more ways to offer immersive gaming experience to users. If you are thinking of establishing a game development firm you will have to think of newer ways to make the gaming experience immersive. You may take the help of AR and VR. You might also consider developing gaming ad-on. These are deemed to be very much profitable as game lovers do take all the pains to get their own gaming accounts and level them up to upper levels and perhaps sell them to others. So, this can be a good earning opportunity for your newly established company.
Network Security Business for Internet and Smart Device
Internet speed is the demand of the time. So, does the Australians with all the smart devices in their hands. But there is a concern about the security of the users. Hence, a well organised security system is necessary. If smart devices and networks does interest you, this is the field you should be investing into. International Distribution Supply
The changing political scenario businesses need an external support to spread themselves in the international market. This is a good opportunity for start-up businesses that have low investment capacity. As it is a service-based business proper knowledge of the international trade and distribution is necessary. You can earn by helping other companies with proper knowledge and in exchange extract a percentage of their profit or a fee for the work.
Agriculture Automation Specialist Agriculture remains the most basic requirement of every country. Thus, agricultural products and goods can earn good returns. Imbibing automation into agriculture remains the best idea till date. This is expected to make the system more efficient and productive. Such devices would make the farmers and other farmland producers pay money in exchange of the services so that they can also multiply their income.
Fiber-Optic Installation
Fibre-optic networks are in demand in Australia. Installations can be done in individuals houses or at the central station for coherent distribution. If you are setting up a company in this regard you will have to communicate with the governments to install the cables in the ground. In that case, the government might pay your firm grants and loans to help you go forth. If you are starting with such a company you will have scopes in the future for further expansion.
Local Food Blockchain Tracking
It would be good if people can know what they are eating and from where the food is coming. However, when they are buying the food from a local restaurant they hardly get to know such details. but if you could introduce blockchain tracking technology into the field then it would help scan the local organic vendors and every people can know where they are coming from.
Women Leadership Development
Some reports say that women are not able to secure a higher position in their jobs due to insufficient training. Therefore, you might set up a company to help these women potential leadership development training to excel among their peers. Australia is the perfect location for this kind of business as there are more female executives than men. Furthermore, if you are thinking of taking up this field for your business it would require you very minimum upfront capital.
All the above ideas would definitely work out for business. There are several other businesses in which you can set up business into. However, starting a business isn’t easy. You would require permits, licenses and certain layers of additional protection to make sure you do not fall out in the way. You may also try out different tools or take professional advice before you invest your hard earned money.

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