Building great workplaces – the great managers way

Building great workplaces

A manager of an organization manages the whole organization is responsible for controlling, planning, administrating an organization or a group of people. So, basically he is also in charge of building a great workplace in the great manager way with the help of his skills and knowledge. A workplace is a place where the people or workers of an office or factory works and making it great involves employees satisfaction by giving them opportunities, part of decision making, understanding their needs and hence, create a satisfactory environment. Great workplace forms strong pillars for foundation and goodwill

A manager can only create a great workspace and some of practical ways are the following:

  1. Encouragement: an employee stays satisfied with both monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives. Hence, just monetary encouragement like good salary, bonus etc. won’t make him happy. Sometimes a little act of gratitude, praising or appreciation or appraisal leaves a positive effect on the emotions of the staffs. A healthy mind staff gradually results to a great workplace.
  2. Optimistic nature: as a manager the environment depends a lot on how you behave. People around a manager always look up to for inspiration hence, if you keep positive attitude, a good mood, a supportive nature then the employees will behave in the similar manner, they will reluctant to work around and can handle any issue if comes. If the manager shows frustration and a negative attitude then that will gradually make the staffs and employee morale down which will automatically reduce the positivity of the workplace. Optimism is already a cornerstone of great company culture and is very much important for building a great workplace.
  3. Form a connection: to build a great workplace it is necessary to create a bond individually with the employee and with the team. Talk to them and know drives them to work efficiently. Understand their problems and try to find a solution for it.
  4. Create opportunities: create opportunities for them. This will bring a positivity and sense of competitiveness in the workplace as people always look for opportunities and achievements.
  5. Participation in decision-making: ask them to participate in decision making and encourage their ideas. This will bring out their skills and their thinking capacity and also it will bring positivity.
  6. Right technology:  a good anf right technology will always bring the energy to work and will increase the efficiency of the workplace.
  7. Small celebration: celebrate each and every small wins. This will encourage the employee to bring such more wins in future.

As we all know a great workplace is built only when the people working there are happy, satisfied and efficient and that’s what is profitable for the company. In such condition basically the manager has to follow the 3C’s rule i.e. Care, Career growth and credibility. A workplace is like an environment and environments are always unpredictable. Hence, to build a great workplace a manager has to put al his great ways to bring out the best.

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