A.I. And Speech Advances Bring Virtual Assistants to Work


Technology for speech recognition made its debut in 1980 and the technology responded to voice commands very well. The main barrier that limited the advancement of speech recognition technology was the challenge to understand human speech accurately. Very soon, technology companies understood the need for using artificial intelligence to build a robust and successful speech recognition experience. With the help of artificial intelligence.
Need for developing better speech recognition capabilities:
A better speech recognition capability means the ability to handle the challenges posed by the background noise and accents. A vast amount of speech data is now available since the speech recognition started gaining in acceptance. Neutral Network Technology and NLP are working with speech data and trying to crack the code for making the speech and voice recognition technology for easy universal understanding. The increasing interest in speech recognition is the motivating factor for the technology companies to make voice recognition as a standard feature in most products. Advancement in cloud computing and machine learning led to the dramatic improvement in speech recognition technology. Now the virtual assistants from leading technology companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are creating ripples and are becoming popular with the customers very fast.
The use of natural language technology is making deep inroads to work also and speech recognition can now play a significant role in automating workflows and employee productivity. With the advancement of AI technology, the accuracy of the speech recognition technology also improved significantly. It passed the threshold and is now becoming at par with the human speech recognition ability.
There are four major ways of getting access to the speech technologies and these are as follows: • Speech-to-text has benefits for making email dictation and it is becoming more accurate with time. • Text-to-speech is very useful in a mobile setting and it can review work notes and documents during a commute or create personal podcasts. • Speech recognition can also allow having conversational interactions through virtual assistants for issuing commands like creating calendar entries or finding documents. • Speech analytics can be very useful for sentiment analysis in an enterprise that refers to contextual mining of text and it can help business for training or interview situations. The major thirst of technology companies is now to make voice assistants more effective and have greater accuracy in speaking and replying around content and context.
What is a Virtual Assistant?
Application programs developed AI assistants or virtual assistants, or digital assistants that can understand the natural language voice commands successfully. It can complete the task of the users and can replace the need for personal assistants for taking dictation or reading email messages or text aloud. It can also do the jobs of scheduling, looking up for phone numbers, reminding about appointments and placing phone calls.
Examples of popular virtual assistants are Apples siri, Microsoft’s cortana, Google Now, Amazon Alexa, etc. The providers of virtual assistants try to maintain privacy policies that define how companies use and share personal information. In the majority of cases, the providers avoid sharing the customer identifiable information without the consent of the customers.
Artificial Intelligence for improved Virtual Assistant functions:
The key to the success of virtual assistant in meeting several business objectives and various other functions remains the improvement in Artificial Intelligence. Despite the recent progress made in AI, there are limitations in a complex interface, lack of interactivity, and difficulty in finding information. Conversational assistance remains a powerful way to solve the problem and can provide a Self-Service BI.
It can be great to help employees to collect key information through conversational assistants that possess the Collective Intelligence to provide answers immediately. Business owners can now know easily the number of unpaid invoices of the customers and can identify the most important ones that are at risk. There are many other applications of Virtual assistants that made life easier for the users. With the help of virtual assistants, it is now possible to have a driverless car that is getting increasingly successful. You can now ride autonomous vehicles safely with full safety measures installed and can also select the parking slot automatically. With the help of Autonomous Action, it is also possible to make home automation and connect to the electronics through WIFI controlled via a virtual assistant.
Major companies like Adobe are now using Ai-fueled virtual assistants that help the users to find Deeper Insights with the help of intelligent alerts. It can help the companies to understand how the users work with analytics with the offering of new data. The use of virtual assistants in the corporate space is now a reality in many cases.
It provides a solution to make an analysis of the data via natural language processing capability and it has the opportunity to disrupt positively the way of managing finance for the companies. Virtual assistants provide help to finance professionals to make Programmatic trading in investments, and all such activities can happen in a human, conversational way.
Small business owners often find it difficult to implement the database management as it lacks expertise in Data Foundation and has hardly any time to look after it. Virtual assistants can be very effective here also for setting up and managing the database. Businesses can get a lot of benefit in creating and promoting new products with this service.
Leading technology companies are now integrating virtual assistants that are voice-based with the VR and AR products to experience a seamless performance across all features. For example, the leading social media giant, Facebook is working with the virtual assistant to integrate with its Oculus VR headset and Portal. It can help the users to interact with the existing products as well as future products seamlessly.
Finally, when you have a virtual assistant in your workplace, it is similar to having your employees working overseas. As you set key performance indicators or KPI for your employees, it is important to set the same for your virtual assistants also. You need to evaluate the performance of the Virtual Assistant to ensure that you get the best standard.

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