5 Ways to find a job you love


‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’-Confucius.

Have you ever spent sleepless nights and days? If so, then you that this kind of work is not meant for you.

Working in big companies might be the dream of many people but it may not suit you because you are not perfect for that work. May be you are good at some other job and you can make an identity out it. Try to find that job which suits you and not that job which everyone does.

Know your strength and your weakness. It is very helpful in finding right job that you will love to do. If you are feeling a lack of energy and cannot sleep for a job that is causing you a lot of stress, gather or have that much of guts to speak up that you don’t like it and don’t want to do it.

Remember, nobody can force can to do a job that you hate. Only you can force yourself to go to right track.

So here 5 ways to find your lovable job and it might lead to right path. Keep reading:

  1. Have enough guts: Let the bygones be bygones. Do not think much of your past and you must have enough guts to leave a job that you do not want do.  Embrace the unknown. It is blessing in disguise. Always be courageous and stay positive with your thoughts to find a job that suits you well and you can stay happy with it.
  2. Follow ‘One-year rule’: With the proper planning, creativity, controlling and patience, things are possible.  First make a plan, then confirm it to yourself and think of your problems. The solution is to be in better place in future. Follow this rule, it will be helpful for you to find the most perfect job for you.
  3. Know your priorities: You must know your priorities. Good health, happiness value a lot in your priorities. Priorities may differ but if you do not care for your priorities, you will end up with low self-esteem and regret. You need a freedom to choose your job and that is your priority.
  4. Do not listen to other people: You know there will be haters, naysayers, disbelievers and then there will YOU, to prove them wrong. Do not listen to what other people say because people are meant to say behind you. It is you, who is living your life, then obviously you are here to find your lovable job. Do not pay much heed to them.
  5. Do not get settled with jobs: Do not get settled with a particular job. Find the varieties for jobs. Who can say you may find your most lovable job. Move ahead to find your creative jobs and the job you will love most to do. Do not be grateful to jobs that you hate. Do not devote yourself to that jobs which you hate because will create a negative impact.

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