Pratik Sinha & Sandip Nair co-founded the startup in their college IIEST (Shibpur BE college). “Our first turning point came with the reality show hosted by IIM C called ‘Agiye Bangla’ where we were selected as Top 3 entrepreneurs in Bengal. Post that we were incubated in the IIM C program and it was a huge boost.” 
Agastya Buoyant thus is working for the environment, recycling wastes.

The Idea

We started with a project for the Indian Army wherein we had to lift drowned objects underwater using balloons. This project success gave us an idea about how well inflatable balloons could work in recycling wastes for the environment. We started Agastya Buoyant – the journey to recycling wastes.

Water bodies all across the state are getting highly polluted by municipal solid wastes and floating trashes after idol immersion. Every year nearly 18 tons of solid waste is dumped in Hooghly River alone, through various nullahs, canals etc. Lakes and ponds are also getting dried up in turn and India being a tropical country; this is leading to the profuse growth of water hyacinths and floating weeds.

Agastya Buoyant has developed Trash Boom which helps to control the floating solid waste as well as regulate the growth of weeds in water bodies, effectively and efficiently. They have also designed Underwater Lift bag for salvaging operation of sunken objects in river and sea. The same has been developed keeping in mind the need for our fishing communities.

Trash Boom
A ‘Trash Boom’ in action

Agastya Buoyant is the only company to manufacture trash boom and underwater lift bag in India. The products are manufactured from 90% of the raw materials sourced in India to create import substitution and also custom made to suit the working condition and environment. They have already started working in Kolkata in lakes like Rabindra Sarobar and Botanical Garden. Trash booms are being used in various important lakes of Bangalore. Trash boom was used as pollution control and safety device in Ganga Sagar Mela, 2016. It has already been introduced as an integral component for cleaning Ganga, a step towards a clean environment.

Presently, Agastya Buoyant is closely working with many salvaging companies and diving training institutes, across the country, providing training on the use of underwater lift bags. Apart from reducing water pollution, Agastya Buoyant is pioneering indigenized R&D in inflatable technology for various other uses such as Disaster Management, Aerial Surveillance & Biogas Generation, and are also aiming to explore new application areas like Defence & Space Technologies.

Biogas balloon
An inflated ‘Biogas balloon’

The Team | Agastya Buoyant Pvt Ltd

Sandip Nair and Prantik Sinha co-founded Agastya Buoyant in their college – IIEST (Shibpur BE college). Their first turning point came with the reality show hosted by IIM Calcutta called ‘Agiye Bangla’ where we were selected as Top 3 entrepreneurs from Bengal. Post that we were incubated in the IIM C program and it had been a huge boost. Agastya Buoyant thus is working towards providing a clean environment.

We want to be working on all major rivers in India. We would like to promote biogas in all the Indian homes and reduce the home level waste.

Agastya Buoyan Revenue GenerationSMALL CHATS – Getting to know the real story
with Pritha Aash

How Is Agastya Buoyant Different?
There is no other (known to us) company working on cleaning the environment by using inflatable balloons. We have 4 major products (inflatable balloons). 1. Trash Boom – Cleans surface of rivers & sea; 2. Oil Booms – Restrict the flow of oil on the water surface; 3. Biogas storage tank – storage of biogas from vegetable waste, cow dung etc. 4. Flood barrier – to restrict flood.

Who All Are You Working With?
We are currently working with Clean Ganga Mission, Delhi Jal Board, Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai. Many manufacturers of biogas in southern parts of India are working with us. These areas include Bangalore, Mumbai, Kerala etc.

Early Challenges?
Since our clients are various governments, the tender and communication can be very tedious and lengthy.

By whom are you currently funded?
Our first investments were from family and friends. Agiye Bangla started with 3 Lakhs, we got a seed fund of 25 Lakhs from IIM C, grant of 20 Lakhs from Govt. Of Delhi and Dept. Of Science & Technology. We also got a grant from GITA (Global innovation & technology alliance). We are expecting some new investments from TISAT (IIT Delhi).

How Did The Market React? Any Partnership?
The industry want’s ready for the solution. The problem of dirty river bodies was already present but they weren’t aware of a solution. Our solution was new and slowly it got accepted. Now it is used for cleaning major water bodies like the Puttenahalli Lake in Bangalore & many more.

We’ve partnered with ‘Enviroguard solutions’ in Mumbai.

What is your go-to Technology in this business?
Ours is a purely mechanical model which uses Archimedes Principles. At the moment order receiving etc. are not made online.

What Skills Do You Look For While Hiring?
We look at the eagerness of a person wanting to join. Our job profile needs one to be ready to work any time since the products cater to the emergency outfits.

Advice For The New Founders?
An entrepreneurial journey needs two bags – money and patience. The money bag might go empty at some point but it is the patience that will allow you to stick around and get things rolling again. New founders must keep this in mind.

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