iManageMyHotel, a Kolkata based Nasscom 10K startup, founded by Sourav Goswami and Abhijit Sanyal works for the mid-size hoteliers (Hotel chain and individual hotels) helping them generate online revenue, manage their room inventory, as online Channel Manager, Restaurant POS, and Front desk. The product was developed using the cloud infrastructure but internet access posed a challenge in the leisure destinations.

He came up with an offline version of the Front desk and POS helping hotels in continuing business without being present online.

As a part of the market survey they discovered, India has the highest number of hotels listed is in Holidayiq which is 1.24 Lacs but not all hotels are listed on internet portals. They seized the opportunity right away and foresee the business in countries like South East Asia, Africa, South American as well. Their focus is niche, the mid-sized hotel industry.

Working on a SaaS business model they charge clients monthly and bill them annually or quarterly. The pricing ranges between 2000 – 5000 rupees per hotel per month. 

The brain-child was conceived around 2013 when Sourav was running his old website design firm. With a family background in running hotel businesses, he had a practical take on the scenario. The start-up was a collaboration of his educational exposure to IT and familiarity with the hotel industry. He also had 6+ Yrs experience in versatile web application development, ECommerce, SaaS, Sales & Marketing and was also the Founder of ‘Crystal Planet Solutions’.

Abhijit, on the other hand, came with 14+ Years experience in Desktop Application Development, Database Architecture and had worked with various third-party API, International Marketing for digital products and was also one of the founders of Crystal Planet Solutions.

The development started from January 2014 and the first version was launched in August 2014. One step after another iManageMyHotel bagged 36 Hotels and then got selected as the first 4 start-ups in Kolkata in the prestigious Nasscom 10K startup initiative.

In a quest to getting funded they got a seed round from Cleartrip.com of 70Lacs in the month of November 2015 after which the listings went up to 66 hotels. From November 2015, they have a total of 210 hotels and molded the product better. A dedicated product team consisting of 7 people and a total of 16 members sums up the backend which drives the business ahead.

Currently, Sourav and his team are looking forward to another funding round to make it to the profit charts, the majority of which will be spent on Sales & Marketing. With the product ready, team iManageMyHotel is brimming with hope to take a giant step towards the next benchmark of success.