Shouri Mitra’s motivation behind creating one of the finest CLAT-prep organization(The Opus Way) was two-fold :
a) To raise the standard of learning in kids
b) Exploit the huge potential the education business had to offer

The Idea

A few ideas were on my mind. The education industry hit me as a barrier-free industry while manufacturing would need lots of pre-investment. Also, the idea of impacting lives in the education industry was great where we could impact the quality of education and ensure top-notch results. This helped me come to make the Opus way. We thought if we could let people fall in love with the subjects, they would automatically do great stuff. Creating a legacy was on my mind. That’s what Opus is doing.

Opus in association with ISDI conducts Design Think 360 which is one of the largest design career conclaves. Leading design schools from across the world come together. It also has access to promising career opportunities and interactive workshops to attend.


About Shouri Mitra – The Opus Way

A Topper in economics from St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata) came across the idea which is now ‘Opus’ or ‘The Opus Way’. At 21 years old, he started training 6 students for various academic exams and there they cracked a very impressive rank at CLAT. By 2014, Opus crossed the 100 student mark. Sometime parallelly, he also decided to join an investment bank in Wall Street as a supplementary source of income. In the middle of 2015, he devoted himself completely to Opus, to make sure the expansion was smooth and then on there was no turning back. In spite of the money Wall Street gave, every single day when he wakes up for Opus, he is excited to start his day. He is extremely enthusiastic about the learning that his startup journey has provided and encourages every newcomer with a great idea to take the plunge.

Getting to know the real story – by Pritha Aash

How is Opus helping?

Design Think 360 panel
Design Think 360 panel

We impact the quality of education and ensure top-notch results for careers in law, design, and fashion. We literally provide personal training. Our content is very easy to learn. Our mentors are professionals who are passionate about teaching. Opus believe in helping them evolve in learning and doing great in the exams.

What were the challenges you faced when you had just started?
Hiring the right people was a hard problem to solve. We really wanted very passionate people and it was really hard to find the right ones. Figuring out the marketing basics, branding, SEO was also some basic which were challenging.

What Skills Do You Look For While Hiring?
It often comes down to trial and error. We want to see their passion and loyalty for the company, I personally train them and all the passionate ones always end up doing marvels. They are the ones I look for.

Advice For The New Founders?
Be ready for massive risks. If you have an idea and/or a good partner, take the plunge. It’s something you can’t learn, you will evolve. If may want to keep some monetary source backup if possible. Just give that hunger for growth and jump into it.

Any New Plans?
We are slowly moving into technology areas and are looking to incorporate ‘Video-Based Learning’,  ‘Class Room Feel Through The App’ and spread into other cities through the franchise model.