Every story deserves to be told is where Half Baked Beans springs from. Publishing in India has been a hard battle for amateurs. Months of trying to persuade a publishing house to give you a shot, often ending in disappointments. It leads to so many stories not being told. They were half-baked beans. And that’s what Chetan Soni wanted to do, bake them all. So all pages now find a voice.

Chetan Soni talks about the Idea – Half Baked Beans

An IMT Ghaziabad alumni, Chetan Soni realized the gap in India for publishing books. The traditional publishing houses often turned down many amateur authors and so many stories went untold. He noticed the India author segment in the book stores full of romance novel. It made him think as to why were other genres like business, food, travel and other genres not covered here?

And he thought, maybe they weren’t being published. Back then online publishing wasn’t there yet. It would be great if we could create a platform for all authors to come and tell us about the story they wanted to tell. We then put together an optimized plan for publishing their book and reaching out to the right readers. Publishing is only a part of it, the real deal starts at the right marketing. A great book could just be unread because it didn’t reach the right readers.

Chetan is also a co-founder of a themed travel initiative ‘Big Bang Trip’ where a selected few people from across various parts of India and abroad come together to travel together and share a journey. His love for literature gave birth to Half-baked-Beans and Travel made Big Bang Trip (BBT).

Chetan Soni

SMALL CHATS – Getting to know the Real Story
– with Pritha Aash

On Half Baked Beans changing the scenario for publishing fresh content

Our platform allows authors to submit their manuscript to us and post analyzing we give them various price packages they could use for an optimized book launch for them. We cover it end to end from publishing to marketing. Our books are available in paperback on Amazon and online. We couldn’t quote separately but it could start really cheap, so it’s great for amateur writers to come and start right here. We are giving a voice to your stories.

What were the Challenges you faced while your go-to-market moment?

We did face a few challenges in terms of setting up – the rules were very stringent, our target audience was very niche, so it was a huge challenge in growing and scaling. However, we did figure it out.
4 years before when we initially hired, people were very enthusiastic and worked for passion. Now, people have become more professional and demanding towards money, so we miss seeing the passion a little bit. The growing startup ecosystem has its pros and cons.

Any advice for the newcomers who want to work for this domain?

New founders should be willing to take up this new lifestyle, it’s going to change your life. You should have a passion or liking for what you are doing and make sure you do some market research before you are in it.

Any New Plans? | Half Baked Beans

We are planning to have a writer’s retreat where people could go somewhere for 4 days and interact with some author who could guide them. We are conducting writing workshops in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. This could help amateur authors reach the next level and gain more confidence.

We wish the best for Chetan and his team, who are working an enormous deal to help authors reach their audience with ease.