The ‘Google map for warehouses’, the GetVu team is the college campus startup story gone international. It started with Santosh and Sundar, in 2010, then students at Amrita University and their interest in the concept of ever-growing technology impacting human lives. They started working with Android, attending workshops and making apps targeting a particular market segment. Their first app was a hit on the college campus.

That was the catalyst to these brilliant minds.

The Baby steps towards Virtual Reality

Under registered Android profile, ‘Smart Droid’, they went on to make a mark in the competitive Android market. Santosh in his further quest came across AR where the virtual world was seamlessly combined with the real world and started developing AR applications using OpenCV.

To create Iron Man alike feel they bought a Leap motion sensor and made a prototype out of it, a combination of a video glass + leap sensor + Android processing unit kept together in place with a bunch of tapes. Next, they connected with Aravind, who was working with a venture capitalist firm then and leveraged his skills to get GetVu connected with SOS Ventures. The team went ahead to San Francisco to develop the product with Leap motion partnership. Sundar put efforts here to create the plug-ins which consisted of: -Placing multiple objects in space. – Leap Motion + AR -Gesture interaction -Stereoscopic display.

The GetVu augmented reality development kit

While Rakesh marketed GetVu, they launched the Indiegogo campaign which became instrumental in defining them as a software development firm, rather than hardware. In AWE 2014, they networked with other AR developers, who presented their views on their headsets and plug-ins.

How the team managed their passion and studies

They went all over making software for the existing AR glasses, in the meantime, the future of getting their degrees completed loomed over. Santhosh was looking forward to creating applications for enterprises like hospitals, warehouse etc.

They connected with Venkat (Ex-Deloitte consultant, Co-founder at Chalk Street, Co-founder at FACE) who helped in figuring out the supply chain problems which can be solved using AR. Inspired by our vision of making digital world merging seamlessly with the real world, Venkat invested and joined their team.

GetVu Founders
The founders of GetVu

Venkat with his network reached out to people in the supply chain to find out the real pain point problems and clearly defined the roadmap for GetVu in terms of business and product development. With the mission in mind, they started to build pick and pack automation solutions for warehouse management using Augmented Reality and Wearable technology. They set to focus on AR for Enterprise as the market for enterprise AR is booming.

To the Silicon Valley

The next step was they moved to Bangalore (July 2015) after finishing the degree. They took home at HSR layout and started building AR application towards supply chain and also providing Android solutions in parallel to meet their burn rate. Karthik from Anna University and Seshu from Amrita joined the GetVu family taking it to a member of 6. They came to know about Rothenberg Ventures, River program for AR/VR startups from Venkat and got selected. It was a good leap for them to get clients in the USA. The River program was startup friendly and a learning experience.

GetVu team is currently pilot testing with some of the largest retailers in the USA and looking forward to some brilliant business times ahead.