Her flair for coffee and poetry has taken her to places. An author, radio jockey, theatre artist,  and an entrepreneur, Palak Chokhani has been places and wore multiple hats. In an interview with the entrepreneur herself, we had an interesting walkthrough around her coffee world.

While pursuing her Post Graduation in Entrepreneurship studies from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Palak felt the pangs of living away from her home, her people and somewhere in the depths of this despair, she found her own comfort in poetry, which she has known from the age of 13. What re-surfaced as an escape from the emotional upheaval went on to become a profession.

Cut to current times, Palak introduces us to a very interesting concept. She combined her artistic knack and business acumen to create something unique. How mundane is it to read the marketing flyers of businesses? Quite much, isn’t it?

Now imagine a poem that conveys the message, the vision of a business that touches your heart. Isn’t that awesome? Well, Palak does exactly that with her maiden project, ‘Weaved together’. Along with being a Gold Medalist in entrepreneurship studies, she has also been honored with the prestigious “Sanmarg Aparajita Awards” 2018 as a young achiever in the literary space.

She has also won the “Aparajita Awards” as a young achiever in the literary space.

She has a strong clientele that vouches on her Midas-touch to turn their everyday routine brand promotions with her articulate poetry. Palak has studied Entrepreneurship at EDI and brings a dynamic expertise to the table from the studies she had conducted on many enterprises.

 In addition to doing Branding exercises for corporates, writing for corporate films and ad films, she is also a voice-over artist. 

Palak ventured into the social awareness foray in 2017 with ‘Breaking the silence – One story at a time’, an initiative by the U.S. Consulate, Kolkata:  She chose art to spread the awareness and create space for discussion on the grim societal problems that happen across the world – the “Gender-based violence”.

This performative storytelling ensemble has been to many national level forums. They have been trained by international theatre professors from various organizations. She is currently also a part of the Digital Storytales called “One Story at a time” aimed to end Gender-based issues.

The coffee girl in the play - Digital StoryTales
The coffee girl in the play – Digital StoryTales

The theatrical format of spreading the message has been to many international forums. She has also been associated with the U.S Consulate in India for this project.

Addressing at the U.S Consulate

Entrepreneurship was her next natural step and here’s how:

Remember, how we mentioned she is so much into coffee? So, what is she planning next?

Palak has the vision to create her own chain of cafes, ‘Coffee Project’. She is also the co-owner of the chocolate manufacturing brand, “La Cioccolata – The Choco studio”, which will add more flavor to her coffee project.

The main differentiator of her brand remains in her love for the beans and her vision to serve a steaming cup of coffee which is absolutely pure and freshly brewed.

That’s not all!

Her maiden book will be published soon. She shares with her readers her intricate relationship and passionate bond with coffee. Palak believes people will share her love for coffee once they know all about it. The plan is to place this book on the shelves as a coffee table book soon. The book talks about the myriad elements of life and coffee.

Palak is one true example of following one’s passion. She has interwoven such beautifully the magic of the beans and the power of her words which took her to places.  Palak was selected for a five-week US Government sponsored Professional Fellowship Programme in the US. She also went for an Academic and cultural exchange program to China.

She has the entrepreneurial spirit and lots of ‘coffitivity‘ and rightfully so. Her belief is to live her dreams rather than live her life dreaming.

Team Entrepreneursface wishes her great success in her endeavors!